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I'm a UK-based freelance ASP.NET MVC Developer & Website Designer, delivering high-quality solutions to UK business from my home office in North Lincolnshire. Read more »

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29 June 2015

Prevent Superscripts and Subscripts from Affecting Line-Height

How to stop sup and sub tags from affecting the line heights of a paragraph in HTML

29 June 2015

What A Website Developer Does All Day

A picture tells a thousand words - what your website developer does all day

23 June 2015

Freelance Tip - Do Not Slate Your Clients Online

In this short video blog I explain why I think it is a bad idea to slate clients online, and why you should concern yourself with working for them even if some of their requests are a bit off-the-wall

22 June 2015

C# Tutorial - Constructors and Deconstructors

Learn how to use Constructors when instantiating objects in C#

09 June 2015

Unable to add 'Global.asax' to the Web site. An unknown WinINet error has occurred (code 12113).

Find out what to do when Visual Studio reports a WinINet error code 12113 when deploying a website via Web Publish