Let's Build - How to build a Property Search using a ViewModel

How to use SQLCMD at the command line against a specific database to run a SQL Script

How to execute a script against SQL Server databases from the command line

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Implementing a PayPal Payment Button with ASP.NET WebForms

How to add a hosted PayPal button to an ASP.NET WebForms page

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OpenVPN won't connect on Windows 10 - Solved

Learn how to get OpenVPN working again on Windows 10 after updating to the latest version

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What makes someone a bad programmer?

Why raw technical ability has no bearing on whether you're a good programmer or not

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Freelance Accountability Session #4 - November 2015

In this article and video I talk about what I've been up to in November week 3, and what I'm doing for the November week 4

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