Steve Woods

Freelance ASP.NET Developer, North Lincolnshire

I'm an ASP.NET developer / contractor / consultant who works with digital agencies and clients throughout the UK on web and software projects ranging from basic shop-fronts to bespoke internal applications and e-commerce systems.

The people I work with range from smaller local businesses to multinational clients such as Mars®, Unilever, Pfizer & Verisign. I primarily work remotely from my home office in North Lincolnshire, but will also work on-premises when the need arises.

Availability - Good
My availability for new projects is good as of May 2019 although if you need a helping hand with smaller-scope tasks in the meantime, just give me a call on 07990 523015.

Latest Projects

If you're noseycurious, you can see what I'm working on right now.

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