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Posted on Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 12:24 AM into portfolio, work & project by Steve Woods.
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The Brief

The old Eastman Building website was looking a bit tired, was difficult to update and didn't showcase their work effectively.

I was hired to produce an effective design and build a website which loaded quickly but allowed the owners to quickly update content and showcase their work using high quality imagery.

The Solution

I produced a custom website design using the company branding and colours and built the templates using standard HTML.

To allow the client to update the content quickly and easily, I integrated the entire site with a third party content management system called CushyCMS - this service communicates directly with the server, allowing the client to make "real time" updates that are then uploaded automatically, with zero programming knowledge required.

The solution allows the design to remain untouched, while giving the client full control over the content and imagery on the site.

Taking it Mobile

In 2014, I was approached to make the website work on mobile phones after the smartphone and tablets became ubiquitous tools in the armory of your typical web surfer. Because I use web standards compliant code to build all of my websites, the transition from "desktop only" to "device agnostic" was produced in a matter of days, maintaining the seamless content management and control the client was used to, while allowing the website to automatically adjust itself to suit the device being used to view it.

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