AssistMeId - Reassurance for Vulnerable People, Parents & Care Workers

Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 12:33 PM into project, work & success by Steve Woods.
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I built to provide a safety net for those with special needs, or conditions that cause them to be vulnerable while not under correct supervision.

The service consists of two components - one online (for managing profile information) and an offline component that brings people directly to a vulnerable persons online profile - giving immediate access to information about their disabilities, allergies, behavioural issues and emergency contact information. This component takes the form or a keyring, plastic card or sticker carried by the person, with a unique code that is scannable with any smart phone or other device.

These physical items are also available for persons marked as a 'Carer' and their profile page features a list of all dependants under their supervision - if they become unavailable or otherwise incapacitated while out and about with vulnerable people, someone can immediately identify those under their care and make sure they receive the correct type of assistance they need until help arrives.

I built this service because I have a five year-old autistic, non-verbal son who is prone to wandering off and he would be unable to inform anyone of his home address, nor explain his conditions to them upon being found. He also suffers from behavioural issues and has specific allergies that can be quite dangerous to his health if not dealt with effectively. I imagine the situation myself and his mother find ourselves in will get a little worse as time goes on and he becomes more independent and harder to monitor, leaving him increasingly vulnerable to his conditions.

AssistMe gives me reassurance that if the worst should happen, his needs can be taken care of by any random person with a phone until such a point I or his mum can get to him - I hope you find the service useful and would welcome any feedback going forward.

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