Ten Years

Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 10:06 AM into personal & success by Steve Woods.
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12th July 2008 - a day that marked a huge change in my life going forward, and one of the biggest decisions I ever made.


I married my wife in a simple ceremony surrounded by a small number of friends and family. Nothing remarkable about that, except I had only known her for six months prior and was now fully committed to her for the rest of my life.

The day beforehand I had also worked my last day at a full-time job, instead opting to go self-employed because I felt like I could improve my life immeasurably by being my own boss and doing my own thing. Again, I jumped in feet first - this time with no real plan and no financial security, only the fire under my arse to make it happen and the support of my now wife.

Now I'm not trying to say this is the right thing to do for everyone, nor that it made much sense at the time, but sometimes you've just got to follow your gut instinct and make your own way through life - regardless of whatever anyone else thinks is best for you or your career. 

Your life is  yours, and you live with the consequences of your own (in)actions regardless of the choice you make - so do what makes you happy.

Has it been easy? Hell no - we fight like cat and dog some days, our beautiful  kids drive us crazy and sometimes we get by in life by the skin of our teeth when there's a "dry" period with work. 

Here's to the next ten years.



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