Base Level of Fitness - Week 5 (Live)

Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 12:01 PM into personal, exercise & fitness by Steve Woods.
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So that was month one - first week, second week, third week, fourth week.

I feel it went okay - I certainly feel better than I have done in ages but I don't feel like I've fully committed to the regime yet, I feel I could do more.

So instead of just doing the bare minimum to keep my unbroken streak going, I'm going to attempt to do more each day and set a minimum bike ride goal of 3 miles per session. That way I know it's going to be at least a small effort rather than the "just going for a bike ride to get it over with" that I feel was taking over towards the end.

Month Progress

Wednesday August 1st 2018

Late Evening Bike Ride

So I went out this evening and set my goal for 3 miles - my only motivation this evening was to improve on the last few rides by setting the goal and meeting it, which is exactly what I did.

If I'm honest, I'm finding that taking a couple of days "easy" has a knock-on effect on my fitness, so I do need to keep it ramped in order to improve rather than letting myself slide again.


Thursday 2nd August 2018

Late evening bike ride

So I went out late this evening with a 3 mile goal set which I easily managed because it was lovely weather and I felt pretty good.

No sign of lethargy tonight which was nice, so I'll continue as I'm going on - with a view to increasing my goal month on month.

Hopefully the weather will hold out!

Oh yea - here's a quick video update :)


Friday 3rd August 2018

Late Evening Bike Ride

The goal for this evening was 3 miles and I completed it despite it starting to rain around 1 mile in - I figured I was going to get soaked on the way back anyway so I might as well hit my goal instead of going home early. 

I was a little bit tired this evening but it was fairly stressful at work and I had just eaten before I went out so hopefully just a little glitch. It seemed to get easier the further I rode which was weird.

Anyway - goal reached, so job done :)


Saturday 4th August 2018

Late Evening Bike Ride

Left it late to go out on the bike tonight, primarily because it was pretty hot again and I know for a fact that cycling in the heat would sap my energy straight away.

I was actually worried about how I was going to track this route, because my trusty old Nokia Lumia 735 which I use to run Endomondo has decided to give up the ghost and not allow me to charge it - I've ordered an iPhone 5s to replace it but in the meantime I had to pinch one of the old spare iPhone 5's that we use for the kids to track my route - first world problems I know.

Hopefully my new phone will arrive sooner rather than later - why an iPhone 5s? Well they're cheap, I like the 5 but the 5s allows me to connect to 4G on Vodafone - since I'm SIM free and on a great contract I don't want to change anything so I'm happy to drop the ~£120 on a pristine refurb to get me going again. 

Anyway - about the ride. Five miles, woohoo. I figured I'd just keep pedalling after I reached the 3 mile goal as I was feeling pretty good. 

On that subject I've noticed that I feel lethargic up until about 2 miles each time, and it's only as I keep cycling that I start feeling good - maybe that's how long it takes my body to warm up? Who knows.

Goal reached anyway, on to tomorrow :)


Sunday August 5th 2018

Late evening bike ride

Tonights ride was pretty nice - good weather and I felt strong.

I noticed I had a lot more energy this evening than usual - could it be the Ryvita I've been gorging on? Who knows - I felt good, and kept some decent speed up throughout, even though I spent a lot of the time on grassy trails.

Good pace, nice weather - what more could you want?


Monday 6th August 2018

Late evening bike ride

It was a very late ride out tonight but good in some ways because I managed to catch a cracking sunset.

No real drama, I met my goal of 3 miles easily - I feel like I'm getting a little stronger too so that's good. I've been eating a load of ryvita like I said in my last update - maybe that's it?? Regardless, I'll take it :)

Video Update

On to tomorrow :)


Tuesday 7th August 2018

Late evening bike ride

Pretty windy tonight but I still managed to reach my goal of 3 miles with no problems - I'm noticing a massive change in the amount of strength I seem to have in my legs which is awesome. I did a 3m 24sec mile which is pretty nice.

I think I need to start thinking about discounting the distance I travel and instead go for duration to make sure I definitely do a fixed amount of exercise every day - say 20 minutes or 30 minutes and see how far I can get.

Anyway - pretty happy with tonights ride, I enjoyed it. Cool.


Wednesday 8th August 2018

Evening Bike Ride

It was a beautiful evening tonight - an uneventful 3 miler in the sunset and I felt pretty good considering how busy today was. I was up at 6:30 then a 95 mile drive each way to a meeting with a client, which lasted 6 and a half hours. Amazed that I actually motivated myself to get out despite feeling tired.

Thursday 9th August 2018

Late evening bike ride

Thoroughly enjoyed tonights bike ride, I feel like I have plenty of energy at the minute and it's definitely down to the dietary changes I've made recently - I've pulled in a lot more fruit and been eating loads of ryvita (seeds!) which seems to have transformed things - it also tastes awesome :)

Goal reached, 3 miles in approx 16 minutes which means my pace is on target.

I also did a very brief weight-lifting session before giving up because it was too late and I couldn't be arsed to be honest. Still, five minutes is better than nowt.


Friday 10th August 2018

Evening bike ride

Another uneventful ride this evening but it has gotten a little bit colder so I'm wondering what to buy to use as a mask for ear and mouth protection when it turns into winter.

If you have any recommendations, please get in touch!


Saturday 11th August 2018

Late evening bike ride

I went out a little earlier than planned because I looked on XCWeather and saw it was going to piss down.

I noticed I was a little bit tired tonight - in fact I've noticed the last couple of rides that the first mile feels like I'm hitting the wall and "ugh this one will be cut short" but thankfully I keep pushing through and it gets easier as I continue riding.

I think it was because I was a little stressed out today - my daughter had a scary issue that made me a bit anxious to say the least, and I also wasn't drinking much water which wouldn't have helped.

Still, met my goal and not too much detriment occurred to my pace so all good.


Sunday 12th August 2018

Late evening bike ride

Tonights ride was pretty good, it was fairly windy but nice and cool and my pace seemed a little higher than usual, certainly in the last segment.

I've decided not to document these rides from now on because a) they're fairly insignificant and b) it's becoming a chore - I'd rather just do the exercise and comment on any new / interesting stuff, rather than the monotony of it.

On that note though, you can always track my latest stats on Endomondo here if you are interested in following along.




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