Weigh In #1

Posted on Friday, August 10, 2018 at 9:16 PM into personal, exercise & fitness by Steve Woods.
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Today I did what I should have done on the 1st July when I first started this journey to a good base level of fitness, but no matter - noone reads this anyway :)

I went to The Range today and bought some digital scales to measure my weight, fat percentage, water percentage and BMI .. I know it's mostly bollocks, but I do love stats :)

I track all of this data here if you're interested - yes I plot it in a database, sad or what :)

The Result

So I am officially 209.6lbs which isn't terrible, but it's a way off my goal of 190lbs and it's about 6lbs more than my December weight of 203lbs. Never mind, I haven't exactly been dieting in the meantime so it's by no means a disaster, it just means I have to put a little more effort in :)

Track my fitness efforts here if you're interested.



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