What I'm Currently Working On

This page shows my current client work, side projects and personal goals - it's sort of a nice reminder of stuff I've promised myself I'll complete, but also a record of things I've done.

Client Work

  • Support Monkey
    I'm on retainer for support for a number of e-commerce websites and internal systems I've built, so if they go wrong I can help put things right.
  • Holiday Feed Automation
    I'm building a small tool to automate the real-time acquisition of data from multiple holiday companies and coallate it into the desired output for a holiday brokerage
  • Network and Data Infrastructure Tool
    I'm working on a massive bit of software for a company which allows them to more accurately (and quickly) provide estimates to their clients based on their engineering drawings for new buildings. Good fun.

Side Projects

  • Twitch Live-Streaming
    I'm trying to build up a community of like-minded flight simmers for another hobby of mine.
  • Producing Content
    I'm working on producing new content for my hobby blog showing my experiments with airframes and autopilots for RC aircraft.
  • Building Income Streams
    Working on bringing in some recurring income with a hobby niche website that scrapes videos from Youtube for various searches, and pushes them into an easy to digest format for quick viewing.


  • Spending more time outdoors
    I'm trying to spend more time in the great outdoors enjoying my hobbies, instead of being chained to the desk.
  • Trying to limit my working hours
    The eternal pursuit of balance of a freelancer.
  • Losing some weight
    See /fat for progress details.

Why put this here?

This page is based on an idea from nownownow.com which recommends that you are transparent about your goals to keep you on your toes and make sure you follow through with them.