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Freelance Developer Update May 2017

Freelance Developer Update April 2017 Week 4

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What to do when you have a downturn in work

Make Sure You Follow The Right People In Life

Always be able to write stuff down

Why I Dont Have Email On My Phone

The importance of doing something that makes you happy

Remember what it is you're selling

The importance of choosing a direction

Don't delegate all of your menial tasks

Would you really change if you had a million quid in the bank?


Freelancers - Don't Slate Your Clients In Public!

How I became a Freelance Web Developer

Don't leave things until the last minute

Freelancers - Make sure you work on your own stuff first

Freelancers - Don't take on too much work!

How to charge freelance clients properly

The Importance of Managing Freelance Client Expectations

How will I know when to fire a freelance client?

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