AssistMe helps vulnerable people to stay safe by enabling instant access to their emergency contact details and care requirements in case they need assistance.

Built with...

  • Entity Framework
  • SQL Server
  • jQuery
  • ClockworkSMS API Integration
  • PayPal API Integration and IPN
  • SendKit Mail Queue
  • Custom Website Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design

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Project Case Study


AssistMeId is built using ASP.NET MVC and C#, with a SQL Server backend and uses Linq2SQL to interface between the two. It is powered via ASP.NET Identity and uses Roles-based security to enforce login restrictions and to allow management of user accounts.

Subscription and One-Off Payments are taken via PayPal using the Instant Payment Notification system, and customer e-mails are dispatched using the SendGrid API.

SMS messages are sent via the ClockworkSMS API and location services are provided with a mixture of on-device hardware, and the Google Location API.

The Brief

I built AssistMe to solve a problem that I identified due to having an autistic son - as he got older and older, I was growing more and more anxious about how he would be handled by someone outside of the family if he found himself in a situation such as being lost or during a "melt down" in public.

Being autistic, he sometimes acts in a manner that might seem "strange" to outsiders especially if he's stressed out - this can manifest itself in violent behaviour, repetitive "ticks" and he also struggles to communicate very well which only exasperates the situation if a strange person is attempting to figure out what's going on.

I needed a solution that allowed me to give people immediate access to information concerning my son, and how to deal with his needs effectively.

The Solution

AssistMeId provides the ability for finders of your loved ones to view your contact details, their medical requirements and any behavioural issues by scanning a unique code with a smartphone or tablet.

You can see how it works by visiting the AssistMeId Help Page.


AssistMeId Overview

AssistMeId KeyringsThe system allows the account holder to set up multiple users, each with their own profile showing disabilities, allergies, and medical requirements. Each user has a unique "scan code" automatically generated, which can be used to purchase keyrings and other wearables, so that if they're scanned by a phone the information is brought up immediately along with the contact information for the account holder.

If the account holder themselves has their code scanned, then all of the available profiles under that particular account will be displayed - so that if the account holder becomes incapacitated (for instance on a school trip), any relevant details about the people they have under their care are still available to a first responder.

The solution is subscription based with a low monthly fee - individual purchases are able to be made via a built-in bespoke e-commerce website which automatically generates products based on the scan codes of account users and allows payment to be made via PayPal.

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